Professional Underwater Imaging Services

If you like high-tech, then you’re going to love our underwater imagery services. With state-of-the-art sonar-based equipment, we can create crisp, real-time imagery of the underwater substrate to aide in: obstacle avoidance, target detection, target measurement and seafloor mapping. (Yeah, it’s as cool as it sounds!)

The hardware we utilize for sonar imagery collection is modular and can be configured to work with any sized vessel. Below is a list and description of these components.

Let us put this awesome state of the art technology to work for your underwater projects. You’re going to love the results!

Edgetech 4125 Side Scan Sonar Towfish

  • Side scan sonar device used for high definition acoustic seafloor image capture
  • Dual frequency 600kHz – 1600kHz sonar output providing an ideal combination of range and resolution
  • Operational depth of up to 200 meters
  • Fine 0.01 meter resolution

Syquest Hydrobox Echosounder

  • Used to obtain a highly accurate depth readings
  • 800 Meter depth range
  • Survey grade precision 0.01 meter depth accuracy

Hemisphere DGPS

  • Used for accurate location data to accompany sonar images and depth
  • 60cm repeatable accuracy for accurate mapping
  • 12 channel and high 20Hz refresh rate

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