Scuba Tank Maintenance & Repairs in Monterey Bay

Scuba Tank Repairs and Maintenance

Monterey Bay Diving is a DOT certified hydrostatic testing facility and are able to service various types of cylinders (steel, aluminum, composite).  We can handle different tank sizes such as large storage cylinders, SCUBA, and non-SCUBA tanks such as paintball and SCBA’s.

We provide full cylinder maintenance packages including visual inspections (annual), hydrostatic testing (every 5 years as per DOT), tumbling, O2 cleaning, valve servicing and Eddy Current testing of tanks made of certain aluminum alloy.

What’s Involved in our Tank/Cylinder Servicing

1. Visual Inspection

  • Remove the tank’s valve and check the inside for any signs of rust, water, and other unwanted contaminants.
  • Remove tank’s boot.
  • Inspect internal and external surfaces and neck threads for any signs of cracks and pits.

Additionally, the integrity of an aluminum tank neck can be tested using an Eddy Current device.

2. Valve

  • Inspect and overhaul the tank’s valve.
  • Replace O-rings.
  • If the required burst disks are replaced.
  • If the required valves will be Oxygen serviced.

3. Cleaning

If required, a tank will be tumbled to remove any contaminants and/or rust. We use various cleaning media and solutions, depending on the tank’s material and the severity of contamination.

We also offer Oxygen servicing for use with Oxygen enriched gases.

4. Final Check

Once the tank and the valve are properly examined and serviced, everything is put back together, a visual inspection sticker is placed on the tank, and the tank is pressurized to approximately 500 psi. We do not fill the tanks with gas mixtures.

Brands We Service

Here is a short list of some of the brands we service regularly.
There are many others as well. Please contact us if you have questions about your needs.


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