Drysuit Repair in Monterey Bay

Routine maintenance of your dry suit will extend its lifespan and ensure a safer more enjoyable diving experience.

What’s Involved in our Dry Suit Tune Up or Repair Services

We need to have your suit in hand for evaluation. If you are in the area, you can bring the suit to our Monterey Bay Diving facility, or you can ship it to us.

Our dry suit servicing process

1. Zipper

We begin with a thorough evaluation of the zipper. If the zipper is compromised in any way, we will recommend replacing it.  We use top of the line YKK and TiZip zippers. Some suits we need to send out to the manufacturer but most we do in-house. Please feel free to call us or contact us if you would like more information

2. Neck and Wrist Seals

We look for cracks, rips, or any signs of deterioration of the seal. We offer latex and silicone seals. For neoprene seal replacements, we will refer you to a shop which specializes in neoprene seals.

3. Inflator and Exhaust Valves

Vales require regular inspection to ensure that they will not unexpectedly fail. We inspect and service inflator and exhaust valves to make sure they are working properly. If the valves warrant it we will recommend replacing them. We mainly use SiTech and DUI valves but can install others if requested.

4. Custom Modifications

We can install all the features of your dry suit. For example, this might include:

  • Neck ring systems
  • Dry gloves systems
  • Pockets
  • P-valves
  • Boots

On request, we can also install various accessories. We’re happy to help you find the right peripherals to match your diving goals, just call, and we will do whatever we can to customize your suit the way you want it.

5. Review Findings

We will not make any repairs without first carefully reviewing our findings with you. After your sign-off, we will provide you with an estimated cost and completion date for your repairs.

6. Final Checks

When all dry suit work is done, your suit will be pressure tested to ensure there are no leaks.

Brands We Service

Here is a short list of some of the brands we service regularly.
There are many others as well. Please contact us if you have questions about your needs.


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