Monterey Bay Dive Equipment Servicing

Monterey Bay Diving is a one-stop full-service dive equipment repair shop. Our technicians are trained and certified on all the leading SCUBA brands. We are also the Central Coast’s go-to facility for commercial diving equipment repairs and tank inspections.

Monterey Bay Diving manufactures standard and custom length low and high-pressure scuba hoses. Our facility offers underwater imaging services utilizing Side Scan Sonar, ROV, survey-grade echo sounders, positioning, and processing software technology.

We are proud of our customer service.

This is evidenced by our large number of repeat and satisfied customers who trust us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consult. We pledge a quick turnaround time not to exceed 2 weeks (parts availability depending).


We are qualified to service most regulators and will return your regulator to like new condition. Your regulator will go through manufacture specific service with genuine manufacture-supplied parts or kits. Regulators are cleaned in an ultra-sonic cleaner and subjected to rigorous testing before you receive them back fully functional and ready for diving.

BCDs (Buoyancy Control Device)

Bring us your BCD to have all the valves serviced, the bladder checked for leaks, and even have the inflator hose adjusted to fit your liking. We are able to do minor patch jobs and can even upgrade your standard power inflator consul to a breathing air integrated system, so you can be the talk of the beach.


We are a DOT certified hydrostatic requalification facility, able to perform necessary hydrostatic tests on most cylinders. We are capable of servicing all sizes of SCUBA tanks, K-bottles and non-SCUBA cylinders like paintball tanks.

Dry Suits

We are also proud to offer drysuit services including: neck and wrist seal replacement, inflation and exhaust valve service, zipper replacement, and pressure tests. We will return your suit back to you clean, functional, and ready to dive.

Other Services

Just in case you require to survey and map your dive sites, we offer side-scan sonar imaging services using Edgtech 4125 side scan sonar.

For detailed bathymetry mapping, we use survey-grade high-resolution echo sounder (HydroBox).

And to assure the precision of the underwater mapping we use professional level accuracy DGPS positioning system by Hemisphere.

Additionally, for underwater inspections, we operate an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) equipped with a manipulator arm and cameras.

Brands We Service

Here is a short list of some of the brands we service regularly.
There are many others as well. Please contact us if you have questions about your needs.


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