Commercial Diving Companies in California

Monterey Bay Diving’s Commercial work is as dependable and predictable as the daily tides–you’re going to get excellent service and follow-up every time. You can count on our team of experienced professionals to safely and efficiently take care of all manner of underwater projects.

We’ve got a lot of projects under our belts and all ending with happy clients. We can do just about anything underwater; here are some of the main commercial tasks we accomplish on a regular basis:

  • Raising sunken boats
  • Oil spill remediation
  • Inspecting and repairing piers wharves, pilings, and pipes
  • Underwater welding & burning
Monterey Bay Diving - Commercial Diver on Ladder

Past Commercial Diving Projects

Here are some of our past commercial diving projects.
There are many others as well. Please contact us if you have questions about your needs.


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